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 Bands who appeared
 at Yeadon Town Hall
The Wanderers
Dave Adams and the Thunderbirds
Jay Dee and the Tuxedos
the Pezants
the Avengers
Vince Wayne and his Falcons
the Beat Squad featuring Lnda and the Thunderbirds
the Travellers
the Echoes
the Del-Fi's
the Jaybirds
the Stormsville Five
the Four Aces
the Starlights
Ray Hunter and the Downbeats
Johnny Gold and the Sovereigns
the Young Ones
the Silhouettes
Chad Wayne and the Sundowners
the Sapphires
the Wanderers
Danny Davis
the Crestas
the Tornados
Terry Young
the Youngsters
the Thunderbirds
Barry Corbett and the Tearaways
Gene Vincent and the Shouts
Sounds Incorporated
David Booth and the Drovers
the Jaycats
Dean Rogers and the Searchers
the Whirlwinds
the Brook Brothers
Ivan Love and his Jaybirds
Nelson Keene
Johnny Carr and the Cadillacs
the Toledos
Bobby Angelo and the Tuxedos
Lee Chevin and the Ravers
Wddie Bell and his Orchestra
Sandra and her Blue Stars

Barry Corbett and the Mustangs
Band List
Yeadon Town Hall 1962
05-Jan Lee Chevin and the Ravers/
             Eddie Bell and his Orchestra
02-Feb Sandra and her Blue Stars
09-Feb Lee Chevin and the Ravers
16-Feb Dave Adams and the Thunderbirds
23-Feb Sandra and her Blue Stars/The Jaybirds
09-Mar Jay Dee and the Tuxedos/The Pezants
30-Mar The Avengers/Vince Wayne and his Falcons
14-Apr Barry Corbett and the Mustangs
21-Apr The Beat Squad featuring 
               Linda and the Thunderbirds
28-Apr The Travellers
05-May The Echoes/The Del-Fi's
20-May The Jaybirds/The Stormsville Five

26-May The Four Aces/The Toledos
02-Jun Mike Sugar and the Cresters/The                          Starlights
09-Jun Ray Hunter and the Downbeats
16-Jun The Echoes/Linda and the Beat Squad
23-Jun Johnny Gold and The Sovereigns/
              Lee Chevin and the Rovers 
07-Jul Barry Corbett and the Mustangs/
              Ray Hunter and the Downbeats
14-Jul The Young Ones/The Silhouettes
20-Jul Mike Sagar and the Cresters/
              Chad Wayne and the Sundowners
14-Dec The Jaybirds/The Sapphires/The                            Wanderers
Yeadon Town Hall 1963
13-Apr The Jaybirds/The Stormsville Five.         01-Jun The Toledos/The Pezants.         07-Sept The Raiders
Yeadon Shaw Lane Social Club
01-Jun 1963 The Vigilantes
Yeadon Town Hall 1964
25-Jan The Raiders
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