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A young Barry with his first guitar

The first of many Mustang line-ups Left to right: 
Barry Corbett, Mike Patterson, John (Billy) Bolton, John Whitley and Ken Webb

Barry Corbett, Johnny Lockhead,

and Brian Dunn

Barry Corbett, Johnny Lockhead, John (Billy) Bolton and John Whitley

Barry Corbett with his wife Eileen in 1975
This record was a No. 1 hit in Bennelux and was followed by 4 more top 10 hits and 2 top 20 albums.

Press to listen to the record.

Left to right: Barry Corbett, Johnny Lockhead, Brian Dunn and John (Billy) Bolton (on 6 string Fender bass).

Barry and Eileen Corbett
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Barry went on to write all the songs for the Smurfs from 1981 until today.

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