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 The Rockin' Vicars 
Rev Black and the Rockin’ Vicars
(aka) The Rockin’ Vicars
(aka) The Rockin’ Vickers
The Rockin' Vicars were a 1960s English rock and roll band from Blackpool. They were originally called Rev Black and The Rockin' Vicars, then abbreviated to The Rockin' Vicars, but in order to have a chance to get more gigs or even a record contract, they changed their name to "Rockin' Vickers". The band is most notable for featuring Lemmy, who went by the name Ian Willis at the time, later of Hawkwind and more famously Motörhead, as a guitarist. 
They were undoubtedly one of the best bands to ever play regularly at the Stoney Lea Hotel.

Band Members

Harry "Reverend Black" Feeney: lead vocals
Alex Hamilton: guitar
Peter Moorhouse: bass 
Cyril "Ciggy" Shaw: drums 
Ken Hardacre:lead guitar 

Harry Feeney: lead vocals
Ian Holdbrook: guitar/harmonica
Nicholas Gribbon: guitar
Stephen "Mogsy" Morris: bass
Cyril Shaw: drums

Harry Feeney: lead vocals
Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister: guitar
Stephen Morris: bass
Cyril Shaw:drums

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