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 The Cresters 
The Cresters were originally put together as backing band for singer Mike Sagar. The trio comprised brothers Richard and John Harding on guitar and bass respectively, and Johnny Casson on drums, and were active right through to the 1980s. At various points they were known as Malcolm Clark & The Cresters as well as The Crestas and The Cresters

Probably the highlight of their career was as tour support for The Beatles in 1963. Guitarist Richard Harding built up a reputation for his guitar playing, and in an era when most aspiring musicians could barely afford the most basic equipment, Richard was able to make use of his dad's music shop and regularly took to the stage with his beloved Gretsch White Falcon, which cost £700 at the time - 18 months wages for most people in the early 1960s! 
The band signed to HMV and recorded a couple of singles in 1960/61 with Mike Sagar, followed by a fallow period which was broken by two further singles on the label in 1964, of which "I Just Don't Understand" is the most memorable. The following year saw a one-off release for Fontana Records but after that, like so many beat bands, they moved onto the cabaret circuit. Drummer, Johnnie Casson is now a successful comedian with TV appearances under his belt, while Richard Harding is currently a member of country band, Dillinger.
Article from BBC Leeds
A poster from the Cavern Liverpool
Richard Harding again 1962 in a trio version of the Cresters without Mike Sagar who had to stop singing for a year due to pollitts. 
A young Richard Harding born September 1943 started playing guitar at the age of 14 when he met Mick Sagar.
Richard Harding again but now with a Gretch White Falcon
The Cresters top row left to right: Malcolm Clarke, Ian Bannister
bottom row left to right: Colin Howton, Mick Sagar and Richard Harding.    Late 1962
Richard Harding 2020
Another early Cresters line-up
The Cresters at an outdoor festival at Heyes Middlesex, also appearing at the festival were a very young Rolling Stones and a band called Johnny, Mike and the Shades who's drummer Pete Gavin went on to play for Head Hands and Feet, Vinegar Joe, and played alongside Don Everly Jerry Lee Lewis, Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker just to name a few.
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