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 Moldy Warp trip to France 

Article taken from the “Ilkley Gazette” Friday, 12th August 1966
Local group on French Riviera
On Sunday 7th August 1966, the local group, “The Mouldy Worp,” returned from a fortnight’s playing on the French Riviera. Their main bookings were at the Club Crescendo at Fejus, near St. Tropez. They were supported by a French group, “The Type,” who had recently returned from a season at Blackpool. The owner of the Club has offered the Mouldy Worp contracts for a full summer season in Paris and on the Cote d’Azur for 1967. At their performances at the Club Crescendo, French newspapermen were present and also the Mayor of Frejus with a party. They asked for encores. Commenting on their experiences, the Group said there was a big demand for English groups in France where the home groups appeared to be a year behind in popular music. “All the French groups we met were trying to give the impression of coming from across the water, even in the way they dressed and the way they spoke.” Though the group plays frequently at Newcastle, Cardiff, Scunthorpe and Liverpool, this French trip was their longest. At the end of their journey they had travelled 2,400 miles. They hope to repeat the trip next year and take up the offered contracts. They were accompanied by their road manager, Richard Bailey, and Vincent Philpotts who acted as photographer, but later on joined as tenor sax player
Fejus camp site France
Fejus camp site France
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