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 Mick Larvin 
Mick Larvin at the Cavendish Pavillion Bolton Abbey with the Moldy Warp
I first met Mick Larvin when he came to Otley in 1963 for an audition with the Senators, and even before he auditioned we became good friends. Even in those early days he was a very good drummer, later to become top of his game. After his days with the Senators and at the end of the original Moldy Warp he joined Mecca and from there went to earn his living on the liners as a drummer where he met the love of his life Angie (who was on a different liner as an entertainments officer). Years later he was to become entertainments officer and was in charge of all the entertainment on board ship. After his music days he bought a couple of shops in Blackpool and bought and sold jewellery, he also had regular plots at car boot sites.
He passed away due to throat cancer and is sadly missed.

Des O'Hara
The Ladykillers, a photoshoot for the Evening post. 
L>R: Mick Larvin, Barry Clements, Des O'Hara, Andrew Moss and Geoff Chew
The Moldy Warp about to holiday in France
Top row L>Rt: Brian Bailey, Mick Larvin, George Spellar, 
Bottom row L>R: Des O'Hara, Peter (Stan) Dobson and Geoff Chew
The Moldy Warp outside the Mecca at Bradford
Left to right Barry Clements, (top) Geoff Chew, Roger Gillbert, John Horsfall and Mick Larvin
Mick Larvin iCruse Director of entertainment on thecruise ship Sun Princess.
Picture kindly donated by Roger Gillbert who was part of the entertainment onboard cruise ships for most of his working life
Mick Larvin (Moldy Warp drummer) alongside Brian (in black) both are sadly no longer with us
Blind Pew and the Sights at the Kings Hall Ilkley
Mick Larvin drums - John Horsfall rhythm guitar (bottom right) - Des OHara bass - singer Dennis ? - Geoff Chew lead guitar (top right) Doreen Pritchard singer (not pictured).
The Moldy Warp outside the Mecca at Bradford
Left to right Barry Clements, (top) Geoff Chew, Roger Gillbert, John Horsfall and Mick Larvin
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