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  BEFORE THE 60's 

The Essoldo Cinema and ballroom (upstairs) where Bradley Hustwick and also the Olicana Players did their stuff. Now Boyes.

Beech Hill Cinema Otley was also putting groups on to entertain us

Top Leeds group the Tremmers picture here at the Jubilee Hall Chappeltown in 1959

Top L to R  Gerry Layton, Stan Drogie

Btm row L to R  Jeff Christie and Rod Brooks

Jeff Christie was also in the Outer Limits and had a British No. 1 hit single with Yellow River, and a No. 7 British hit with San Bernadino (it got to No. 1 in Germany).

Rod Brooks btm right, is featured on this website under the Dawnbreakers

One of Ilkley's popular dance bands of the 1950's was known as the Bradley Hustwick Band. Members of the band are pictured providing music for the annual farmer's dance at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, on January 20th 1954. Pictured (left to right) Reg Dove (piano), Bill Smith (MC), Bob Hopkinson (violin), Bradley Hustwick (accordian), Dennis Petty (accordian), Harry Roe (drums). Bradley Hustwick's band played regulary for old time, modern and sequence dancing at the New Cinema Ballroom in Railway Road during the 1940's and the 1950's and throughout the area including Buckden, Norwood, Knaresborough and Appletreewick. Picture contributed by F W Smith of Ben Rhydding.


Alan Wilkinson (with pianist Lou on his lap), Geoffrey Wilkinson and unknown drummer in the Olicana Players Band

A very early Crescendos transformation from the skiffle group

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