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  Sons of Sin  

Stuart Pickersgill
Sons of Sin with Moldy Warp at Pool Village Hall. Both groups played the same songs list due to the fact that Brian the Moldy Warp singer had to sing with both bands as the Sons of Sin singer was unavailable that evening
Sons of Sin rehearsing in the back garden of the police houses on Weston Ridge Otley, this was the home of Stuart Pickersgill pictured sat down in the middle, Karen Pickersgill stood up far right, with brother Nigel next to her. Also pictured are Johnny Hardcastle stood up on the left and Brian Duffissey seated left.
Stuart Pickersgill on lead guitar and Brian Duffissey on bass.
Brian Duffisey
Pool Village Hall with Sons of Sin, who were support band to the Moldy Warp. On drums Andrew Thornton, top of the picture is Brian Bailey (vocalist for the Moldy Warp), who stood in on vocals. The band was Brian Duffissey, Stuart Pickersgill, Brian Ellison, Allen Pyrah, Chris Smith and Tony Reidalsh.
Sons of Sin at Otley Modern School Xmas dance 1965 Steve Wilkinson vocals, Johnny Hardcastle guitar, Andy Thornton drums and Tony Reidalsh (Raddish) bass
Sons of Sin reunion, Chris Smith left, Johnny Hardcastle next to him, and Brian Ellison
Sons of Sin reunion, Brian Duffissey seated left, Andrew Thornton (drums) Pete Knights in the centre and Stu Pickersgill far right.
Left to right: Johnny Hardcastle, Brian Ellison, Margaret Ellison, Tony Reidalsh, Andy Thornton and Chris Smith.
  Johnny Hardcastle
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