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 Geoff Chew 
Geoff Chew
A talented guitarist and drummer, Geoff Chew’s initial urge to take up a musical instrument came in 1957 after watching Elvis performing ‘All Shook Up’ on television.
A couple of cheap guitars later, Geoff graduated to a Hofner V3 and, in 1961 aged sixteen, he launched his first band ‘The Senators’. 
As the band’s reputation grew and gigs multiplied, Geoff managed to buy the iconic combination of a Fender Stratocaster and a Vox AC30 amplifier.
By 1963 trends in music had changed and 'The Senators' enlisted a new vocalist and rhythm guitarist. 

Geoff traded in his Strat for a Gibson ES335 and, with the arrival of yet another vocalist and rhythm guitarist, in late 1964 it seemed prudent to change the name of the band. So, was born ‘The Ladykillers’ who enhanced their image by acquiring a Rolls Royce Hearse to ferry their equipment around.
Later, although successful, the band folded and Geoff Chew and the drummer Mick Larvin joined members of ‘The Tarantulas’ in forming ‘Moldy Warp’. Ex-Senator/Ladykiller Des O’Hara also joined ‘Moldy Warp’ in early 1966.
The Senators in a goods wagon at the sidings alongside Otley station
The Senators, a photoshoot for the Evening post
Geoff with the Senators at Bramhope Memorial Hall
The Senators, left to right: Johnny Philips, Brian Dobson, Des O'Hara, Martin Taylor and Geoff Chew
Geoff at the "Top Twenty      Club" at Idle Bradford
The Ladykillers, a photoshoot for the Evening post.
Left to right: Mick Larvin, Barry Clements,
Des O'Hara, Andrew Moss and Geoff Chew
The Moldy Warp about to holiday in France
Top row Left to right: Brian Bailey, Mick Larvin, George Spellar, 
Bottom row Left to right: Des O'Hara, Peter (Stan) Dobson and Geoff Chew
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