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 The Jaguars 

                                                             First Generation Jaguars 1963
Left to right: Peter Rowntree, Peter Leasure, Rhys Phillips and John Disberry.....the group had been in existence for a year
         Ivan's Jaguars
Ivan was Rhys Phillips dad and
      manager of the group
       Rhys Phillips on drums at Knaresborough                         Community Centre 1966

Note NHS fibre case big enough to carry all drum hardware it took two people to lift it.

    The second generation of the Jaguars.  
Left to Right: 
Rhys Phillips, Ron Deaton, (The late) Loz Hagger, 
Stewart Whincup,  John Disbury, and Dave Hope.
          The Falcons  Pre Jaguar days 1962
Left to Right: John Disberry, Rhys Phillips (drums), Dave Gibbons and Peter Rowntree

              The original Jaguars

At the Cheltenham Club Harrogate 1965

Left to Right: Pete Rowntree, John Disburry, Ron Deaton, Rhys Phillips and Dave Hope

                        The Jaguars

Left to Right: John Disbury, Ron Seaton  Dave Hope, Helen Moore. Rhys Phillips, Peter Rowntree​

   The Jaguars at Darley Memorial Hall 1966/67
Left to Right: John Disbury, Rhys Phillips,  Dave Hope, Pete Rowntree​  Ron Seaton

    Des O'Hara's 70th at Otley Rugby Club

    Kingpins re-union with help from Rhys Phillips

Left to right: Keith Pullan, Rhys Phillips, Mick Emsley, Des O'Hara and out of shot Iain Cunningham on keyboards.

           The Jaguars 50 years anniversary

Left to right: John Disbury Bass and founder member, Ron Deaton Leader and guitar vocals, Pete Rowntree Lead Guitar and founder member, Rhys Phillips Drums and vocals founder member ,Stewart "Spider" Gilbert Lead guitar (ex The Vikings)

Dave Hope Vocals , Stewart Whincup Lead guitar and vocals.

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